Where’s Our Quota?

April 19, 2009

Lately I’ve been following the (tech) news of an ISP over in America, called Time Warner Cable. These guys were pretty much considered to be the dirt of the ISP world for most of last week, due to the increase of prices for their data caps on their broadband plans.

Taken from the Ars Technica article, the following excerpt highlights how absolutely pitiful (yes thats bold AND italics!!) Australia’s ISP’s are in regards to providing quota, when compared with the US.

Comcast, using the same technology, offers a 250GB cap for $42.95.month (and some Ars users have reported lower numbers in some markets), so it’s clear right from the start that the TWC plan is hardly a “good deal.”

Are these guys serious? When I first saw that article, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. For $60/month (conversion taken into account), I could be getting 250gb a month!?!?! What the hell?! What is Australia doing in all of this? How have we fallen SO far behind the rest of the world? Instead, we are stuck with almost monopolistic (I think thats a word) ISPs (and yes, there’s more than one), who at times I feel their sole purpose to completely rip off the unsuspecting population by providing utter bullshit information, entrapping these poor bastards with 36 month & upwards contracts, with fees to shift up or down their quota/connection speed once they realised theyve been duped.

I mean come on, Telstra saying 256kb/s is ‘fast’? I wonder how these people sleep at night… And I certainly cant understand how they can get away with charging such exhorbant fees, with pathetic caps and shitty speeds (add into this the fact that the ADVERTISED speed doesnt always meet the ACTUAL speed).

And dont even get me started on the Call Centres…

Im currently with iiNet, and Im paying 60 a month (naked DSL) for 8gb on peak and 8gb off peak… While Im not terribly unhappy with iiNet, I saw an ad for TPG in the paper, advertising Naked DSL for the same price at 25gb on/25gb off!!!!!! Thats enough for me to switch…

My message to the larger ISPs: pull your finger out of your ass and stop ripping off the australian community. We are sick of it.

Pass this message to all those who will listen.

Oh, and one final thing, eventually Time Warner Cable did do an about face. But even still, there might have been massive outcry in the US for TWC’s dodgy doings, but they dont even approach a TENTH of what the Aussie ISPs are doing to us…

If you want to be able to research and compare ISP’s (plus a whole bunch of other things), go to the Whirlpool forums. This place has absolutely everything you could ever possibly need in regards to information, as well as specific user feedback (non biased too!) on the ISPs themselves. If you are going to make a choice, make an informed choice.

Gnite all


The Case of the Missing Cat

April 8, 2009

Well folks, I know its been a while since Ive posted, I have just been crazy busy. And since the whole css hiatus, I havent really had much reason to jump on the computer. Not only that, but I get home and Im tired… since I cant play css I may as well just watch TV. Oh and Ive started learning Croatian! VOLIM TE PUNO FRANCIKA 😀

Ok, onto the real reason for this post… my sister (Leah’s) cat, originally named Delilah, but then when they realised that the cat was a male, Jake, is now missing. My sister is quite upset (poor thing) so this is my ‘lost cat’ post…

Im terrible with descriptions, and it doesnt help he looks like 99.9 BILLION other cats out there. He’s a tabby cat (black/grey), quite big (i think so anyway) and tends to stare at you, looking quite evil all the while 😛

Seriously though, hes a beautiful cat. So if you see it roaming around the Armadale/Kelmscott/Seville Grove area, please post a comment and let me know. Pass this on to anyone you know living in the listed areas.

Leah, give me a damn picture!

We miss you jake, come back!