She Said YES!!!!

May 31, 2009


Ok, from my last post, its been roughly a month and a half. So I thought it appropriate to change my blog sub-title to Worst. Blogger. Ever.  😛

Well, QUITE alot has happened since my last post. First and foremost on my mind: I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!!!

On the 27th of April, 2009 I proposed to Francika in the middle of the Raffles Restaurant in Applecross. Needless to say (so far) one of the happiest days of my life. In all honesty though, I was absolutely SHITTING myself the entire night, right up until the point where I asked her. The night wasnt going exactly to plan: we came about half an hour earlier than our booking, so the staff werent even set up for the night yet (sigh, we got there at about 5.30pm). We eventually got seated (AFTER some other bloody group came in and was seated before us), but had to wait a while for any sort of service.

Anyway, so Im getting very annoyed with these people for taking their time… I managed to (very sneakily) hide the ring in my car boot, so when I knew the time was approaching, I said to Fran, ‘I just need to go get my jacket, in case it gets cold… I dont want you being cold’ (meanwhile thinking tee hee, you have no clue whats coming).

So I get back, taking care to make sure no mysterious ‘bulges’ are showing on the jacket. I get back, and there is our entree.

The food: outsanding, as usual. In regards to the cuisine itself: it might be a bit pricey, but by fuck you get your money’s worth. A note to anyone looking to have dinner there: dont go before 7pm… once the night really got underway the service was marginally better (although, to be fair the last time Fran and I went there the service was excellent, so Im guessing it was a once off).

When the main FINALLY came out, drinks didnt follow til about 15 mins later… and I had to ask wtf was going on with our drinks. Grrrr. We finished the main (really really tasty!), I said to Fran, ‘lets go, Im getting extremely pissed off with this place’. The plan was to take her down to the Applecross foreshore (a place that means alot to both of us) and propose in front of the river, overlooking the city. Her words were (and I will never forget them)

I dont care about the service, I dont care about the drinks, I dont care about any of that stuff, as long as I am with you’.

As soon as she said those words, I knew that this was the moment. So I struggled to get the ring out of the jacket (no doubt looking like an idiot at the time), got down on one knee, and with all the emotions running through me all I that came out of my mouth was ‘Marry me?’ (originally, i wanted to say ‘francika elpez, will you marry me?’ but my emotions got the better of me 🙂 ).

She said yes!!!! 😀

The engagement ring

At this point, applause and cheering came from everywhere around the restaurant… So the people around us were pretty happy to see something like that as well 😛

We paid our bill, and left. I think we were both floating out the restaurant 🙂

When I dropped her off home, her parents threw a little celebration for us, gave Fran and I some flowers, as well as recorded the whole thing on dvd! (Watching it a bit later was.. well weird. Ive never watched myself on TV before). But it was really nice, the food was wonderful (antipasto platter ftw!) as was the champagne (moet ftw!).

There will be more posts coming soon… actually soon, too! Not ‘pretend soon’. I will do a piece on ergonomics in gaming… or lack thereof.

Night all 🙂