Financial Fun

Last week my final expense associated with moving house was taken out, and today I paid off that same bill (as is the best option these days, my bills are direct debited from my credit card). The past couple of months have been a financial nightmare… Moving house is by far one of the most ridiculously expensive things you can do, and the biggest and by far most annoying expense of this terrible saga: Bond.

Whichever idiot decided it would be ok to ask someone to front up what is essentially 6 weeks rent (after all fees/charges etc) in order to get a place needs a good, hard slap to the back of the head. Honestly, if something goes wrong with the house, Id rather pay it on the spot, on demand than forking god knows how many weeks worth of spare money to something I likely wont see in full (because we all know how much real estate agents love parting with bond) ever again.

Thats not to say Im a bad tenant either… Im (mostly) a damn good tenant and pleasant to boot. I think I just get aggravated in general with the real estate market, renting or buying.

Now getting onto the other expenses associated with this sort of thing

  1. Removalists
  2. Initial food shopping run
  3. So-called ‘Application fees’ incurred when transferring the address of your utility accounts
  4. Cleaning costs (because lets face it, noones perfect).

All of these add up quickly to a distressing amount of money. Ive learnt one thing from this whole situation: Im not moving for a long, long time.

Seriously, its not worth the trouble or money.

Except of course if I buy a house…



One Response to Financial Fun

  1. Kirsty says:

    Hey Adam

    The reasoning behind the bond, whcih I always hated, is because not everyone is as good a tenant as you. My partner Todd owns the house that was his Grandparents when they came from Europe just after World War II. He remembers his Grandfather building the kitchen and it was his Grandmother’s pride and joy until she passed away earlier this year. Because we are living together in our house, and we could use the money, he rented it earlier this year. The guy who lived there trashed the place. We went around one night to give im a warning letter about not paying rent (he owes us about $4000), and the house was deserted with all the lights on, the back door wide open, ferile cats coming in and out, and bugs everywhere. The Court process was awful, and he didnt even turn up, and then when the bailiff turned up he refused to leave… It got really nasty.

    The clean up was horrendous. I can’t even tell you how bad. I scrubbed the 2.5m x 1.5m bathroom for over 2 hours and still wasnt happy with the result. I had to go back twice ad let me tell you I did not want to. We bug bombed the place 4 times prior to cleaning.

    Anyway, if we’d had a bond etc, it would at least have helped with the cleaning, Court costs etc. And from my experience in criminal justice, as well as my years as a poor student, I have been in enough ferile homes to tell you there are a lot of bad tennants out there. A LOT.

    So although I am sure you rock, and a lot of other people do too, there is a very significant proportion of people who don’t, and processes / policies are aways aimed at the lowest common denominator.

    Bonds do suck, but not as much as cleaning someone elses urine and faeces.

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