I think one of the scariest feelings is anticipation. It creeps up on you and smacks you in the face when you least expect it. I am deep in the beginning planning stages of my novel, and quite happy with how things are progressing.

Happy to the point where I feel anticipation. And Im barely in the planning stage. The plot resonates with something inside my head thats going ‘hey this actually isnt too bad’, and even Im anticipating this to be somewhat good.

Perhaps Im getting overconfident, but hopefully not. Its not my usual cocky brand of self confidence… its an almost scary feeling of what this could turn into later down the track. Already alternate plots (which I plan on integrating into the main storyline) are springing up in my head, as well as prequel and sequels to this trilogy…

This is the shortest blog post Ive done so far (I think), as this is more a status update of how things are going and feeling right now… And it scares the living crap out of me.

Til next time!


One Response to Anticipation

  1. Marianne says:

    Hi Adam, Just a word of warning honey. I Know that you have so much going on in your head at the moment. Which is really great, but just make sure that you can stand back from it a little and be a little bit objective. With your mind jumping from one thing to another all the time, you might be in danger of becoming confused. When that happens, you can become overwhelmed and might start thinking ‘oh it’s just too hard,’ yada yada yada. Just step back and concentrate on a couple of things at a time. Make sure that you keep everything you write and if you are so inclined (making your writing life easier) then try to find some order in what you are doing. Labels and files are great for that. OK? I’m not bursting your creative bubble at all. I love watching you go through this because it is a sublime experience, it really is. Just step back (a little) and you’ll see with clearer eyes. Gotta go, hope this helps. And it was so GREAT to see you and Fran and her Family on Saturday. We had a wonderful time and I just hope they did. I think they did anyway. Bye for now honey, Let me know when you want my feed back. Have already started some notes for you. bye love, love to Fran. Mum

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