Persistence Ftw

September 15, 2009

Ahhh don’t ya love the Internet? The good thing about the net is you can simply start over if you find yourself unsatisfied with what you may have done. Which is what I’ve done…

Pending Tech – A Programmers Life is the title of my new blog related to everything tech and IT. Something about the last blog (Crazy Tech Head) just didn’t quite sit right with me… The background on how this new blog came into being is the first entry on Pending Tech, and I must admit I’m liking this blog much more this time round, it ‘gels’ you know?

This one I am making a commitment to. No more excuses and no more laziness. So if you are technically inclined join me over at Pending Tech for some (hopefully) informative articles battling the neverending issues and problems of a programmers life.

Have a good weekend everyone đŸ™‚


A New Blog Is Born…

June 28, 2009

I paced back and forth nervously in the waiting room… The Murse (male nurse) came out and told me that my wife had requested to see me. Heart in my throat, I walked into the delivery room… And heard such foul abuse thrown my way, that I momentarily fought the urge to both run screaming from the room and throw up at the same time…

Gathering my courage, I walked forward, getting closer to the bed with my (usually beautiful, mild-mannered) wife, and sat down next to her.

As I grabbed my Blog’s hand, hearing her screaming with the effort of bearing our little blog-child, I winced, as the sound of her screaming set my ears ringing… Then I heard a sound I think will stay with me until the day I die… the screaming of, not my wife (which is altogether uncomfortable and not a little bit painful), but my child.

Thus a new Blog is born.

After much discussion, we named him ‘Crazy Tech Head’, after the much loved technology the missus and I love to share with the world, and we hope he will grow up to be a big, strong blog, with many followers and a strong community.

We love you Crazy Tech Head, and welcome to the world of blogging.